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I have experience of more than 2 years in content writing, blogging and WordPress development domains and worked more than 10 clients and currently owning 6 blogs that generates over 1,00,000 visitors. Also, managed blogs for my clients and helped them to rank on google.

My Previous Work

Brands who trusted me

HGX Media

Content Writing Head

Working with HGX Media for the past 2 years, we help clients in their content work by making sure their content is optimized and engaging, choosing the right keywords, and writing SEO-optimized blog posts 

Exquisite Art School

Website Content

Written complete website content with the goal is to keep the users attention, help them with an overview of the product and guide them to take an action on their desired goals.


Content Writing

My role was to manage the blog and keep it relevant with current, useful content. I included images, external links, and wrote new posts, and provided email newsletters and share posts on social networks.



By seamlessly integrating the campaign with India’s finest youtube channels, I helped Binomo to gain more than 250k+ impressions and more than 1000+ downloads!


Content Writing

In 4 months of working with paisa hack, I helped them grow 35% in their website. My main role in this project was to find keywords and managed the content on the complete website.


Content Writing

GamingHarsh is a video gaming blog that provides guides. I helped them when the blog was just starting, helped them to get AdSense approval and write SEO friendly content to rank on search engines. 


Gaming Blog

Gaming Chase is a gaming blog that i started in 2020 and in the past 2 years this blogs generated more than 2,00,00 users & 1 million views and helped me to get 2 clients at the starting of my journey in freelance content writing.


Tech Blog

Howtotechy is Tech How To Guide Blog. Where i provide “How to” guides content to people who is not an expert in the tech field but facing some issues, and solving their problem by writing easy step by step guides.


Anime Blog

Animechase is an anime blog where i provide anime content to anime lovers. I keep them updated on the latest updates in the industry and give them some great suggestions or references for the anime genre.